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Fedora supplemental wallpapers

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Update :

The voting is done and the results are in. With firewood at 31:st place and Wooden roof at 50:th place, none of my images will be included in the package. But I did get quite a lot of votes, and some of the elected pictures are absolutley stunning.

The election of Fedora Supplemental Wallpapers for Fedora 26 is now open, and I have contributed the following two images:

Bild: Wooden roof
Wooden roof
Bild: Firewood

I don't doubt that others have submitted more stunning images, but I also think these are good background images, as I find them nice enough to look at, while beeing plain enough to stay in the background (and yes, the images submitted are in much higher resolution than shown on this site).

The voting is open to Fedora contributors only. If you are a contributor, please consider voting, either on my contributions or on something else (or both, each voter can vote for 16 images). Voting is open until 2017-04-06.

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