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Publicerad 2023-03-10 22:24. Taggat , , .

Idag har jag fått hämta två leveranser på det lokala utlämnings­stället. Dels ett ganska otympligt paket och dels en mindre låda som dock vägde 10 kg.

Det förstnämnda var resultatet av att Albumförlaget och Ades Media gjorde en gemensam kickstarter för att ge ut samlings­album av Kari Leppänens science-fiction-serie Achilles Wiggen. De hade dessutom lyckats få tag på några original­sidor till särskilt hugade backare, och det kunde jag naturligtvis inte motstå.

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Command line interface url

Posted 2023-02-05 23:25. Tagged , , .

I wrote a little command-line interface for sending a http request and getting the response. I call the package url-cli, and the command itself is url. It has sub-commands for the different http methods.

If you have a rust toolchain installed, you can get it by cargo install. I haven’t made any binary packages yet.

:; cargo install url-cli
[... building, installing ...]
:; url get https://rasmus.krats.se/2023/url-cli.en
<!doctype html>
[... and all the rest of the html for this web page ...]

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Rsass 0.27.0 released

Posted 2023-01-17 21:06. Tagged , , , , .

Again, after almost four months since the last release, it is time to announce rsass 0.27.0. There is a bunch of breaking changes and a bunch of improvements.

This time, one change may seem drastic: The rsass crate no longer contains the command-line program rsass. Instead, that is now provided by a separate rsass-cli crate. So you no longer have to enable a “commandline” feature, instead you can install the command line interface with:

:; cargo install rsass-cli

There is also a new rsass-macros crate. Read on into the Macros section for that.

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Merry Christmas!

Posted 2022-12-24 08:38. Tagged , , .

To all friends, acquaintances and readers.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New 2023, from Rasmus, Katarina and Martin.

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Now I’m on mastodon

Posted 2022-12-04 15:52. Tagged , .

I have now started to write and read on mastodon, as @rasmus_kaj@mastodon.se. Mastodon is a federated protocol for micro-bloging. A short explanation of that is that it is a bit like twitter, but instead of everyone connecting to the same site, you can choose among many sites, or even run your own.

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