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A Breakout Bat?

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I am an abstract sort of creature, who dislikes any sort of restraint. If you try to pigeonhole me, I'll break the box, and come back for more. I don't have any particular ambitions, I just drift, but I am adept at keeping life going along. What Video Game Character Are You?

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Some simple command-line utilities for mail management over imap.

Update :

imaputil 0.4 is released. This release builds on imaputil 0.3, which is a merge by Mattias Amnefelt of my code and a similar project by Max Zomborszki.

Relase 0.4 tells the imap server which users mailbox to access, and adds a -u user flag to change it. The imap-du program now got a -x flag to make output suitable for xdu.

In release 0.3, program names was changed from e.g. imdu to more verbose names like imap-du, and imap-quota and imap-listfolders from Max's project was added.

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