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Introduction to XML

Posted 2007-02-08 23:50. Tagged , .

Here’s a short introduction to XML, as I wasn’t able to find one I liked with a quick google search. Feedback is welcome!

My goal here is to cover a more or less complete understanding of XML, but no particular application or use.

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Lecture on XML and XSLT

Posted 2004-09-16 12:00. Tagged , , .

Thursday 16/9 i will hold a lecture on XML and XSLT, 18:45 in room Q2 at KTH.

Arranged by the Stacken computer club, everyones is welcome. The lecture will be held in Swedish.

Here’s my notes for the lecture (PDF, in Swedish).

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Posted 1998-12-14 12:00. Last updated 2003-12-28 12:00. Tagged , , , .

An open-source HTML / SGML printer that uses CSS2.

StyleScript reads a HTML / SGML file, local or from an URL, and writes a Postscript file. I use the sp library, so only files that names a dtd and conforms to it is supported.

If your document passes the W3C validator without errors, it should be printable.

Update 2003-12-28: StyleScript is dead, viva Passepartout

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