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Detect encoding-tags in python

Posted 2012-04-22 19:50. Tagged , , , .

When iterating over a set of input files in Python, how to decode the lines of each file with the correct encoding?

I wrote a hook for the fileinput module to look for a -*- coding: foo -*- marker in the first lines of each file.

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FreeBSD on a Dell Latitude D600

Posted 2006-07-23 21:50. Tagged , .

I recently bought a (used) Dell Latitude D600. On this page I intended to describe what I do to get my operating system of choice, FreeBSD, to work properly with it. But in reality, this page seems to be more of a list of things that Just Works™ …

I use FreeBSD 5.5, since neither I nor anyone else has ported Arla to version 6.x yet.

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I’m on the scene

Posted 2006-03-05 11:30. Last updated 2006-03-07 10:07. Tagged , , .

Apparently, I’m on the scene. I went to deadline harakiri to take a look, mainly since elmindreda, Dicander, Psychad and some other people reawoke my interest in 3d graphics and the demo scene in general.

Update 2006-03-07 10:07: Thou shalt not overwrite your files before they have entered the state of backup. Since I did just that, causing the demo to be null and void for a while, I have now rewritten the demo from biological memory.

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Optimizing a C++ program

Posted 2005-03-26 12:00. Tagged , , , .

A small case study of how to optimize a C++ program.

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12 bars of ChucK

Posted 2005-01-06 12:00. Tagged , .

ChucK is a system for live music programming. Way cool!

Here’s a walkthrough of a simple 12-bar blues comp to play with.

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Lecture on XML and XSLT

Posted 2004-09-16 12:00. Tagged , , .

Thursday 16/9 i will hold a lecture on XML and XSLT, 18:45 in room Q2 at KTH.

Arranged by the Stacken computer club, everyones is welcome. The lecture will be held in Swedish.

Here’s my notes for the lecture (PDF, in Swedish).

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Iostream performance in gcc 3.4

Posted 2004-07-21 12:00. Last updated 2004-07-23 12:00. Tagged , , , .

I did a small performance test of gcc 3.4 compared to earlier versions. I think it is safe to say that standard c++ iostreams performance is greatly improved in gcc 3.4.

Update 2004-07-23: Implemented the tests in c as well, as a comparison.

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