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Julia fractals in Rust wasm

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I like to write programs to render fractals, and especially Julia set fractals. I also like the Rust programming language. Among other advantages it happens to be great for compiling to wasm, the new format for executing code in a web browser. And I like to code stuff for the webb. So how come I haven't written a wasm Julia renderer in Rust yet?

Well, now I have.

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I'm on the scene

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Apparently, I'm on the scene. I went to deadline harakiri to take a look, mainly since elmindreda, Dicander, Psychad and some other people reawoke my interest in 3d graphics and the demo scene in general.

After seeing the entries of the PC/Mac Demo compo — some of them were really good — Psychad announsed / reminded that the deadline for PHP demo was at 02:00. And at about 1:45, Dicander had convinced me to participate. As I didn't have a computer with me I went to my workplace 400 meters away to code it ...

Ok, I didn't make it on time, but I did have it ready before 03, when the PHP demos was supposed to be shown on the big screen, and Psychad allowed me in. So here it is:

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