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Julia fractals in Rust wasm

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I like to write programs to render fractals, and especially Julia set fractals. I also like the Rust programming language. Among other advantages it happens to be great for compiling to wasm, the new format for executing code in a web browser. And I like to code stuff for the webb. So how come I haven't written a wasm Julia renderer in Rust yet?

Well, now I have.

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A simple and usable lightbox

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I have written a new jQuery plugin. It is a lightbox with focus on simplicity and usability. I call it kratsbox, and it's availiable on github. Instructions for use are in the readme at the github page.

I have used lightboxes such as fancybox and jquery-lightbox for a while, but havn't been happy with the keyboard usability of them (let alone the fact that they all seem to require image loading). Recently, Axbom linked to a specification for an Accessible Lightbox, which I agree with. After doing some more searching for a good lightbox, and still not finding any, I gave up and wrote my own.

Of course, I now use kratsbox on this site, so as a demo, here's some of my favorite images from 2011.


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