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A compiling template system in Rust

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When developing web applications, it is often useful to have a template system. Something that lets you write generic versions of web pages, that the application can fill with the specific content for each page it should show. There exists lots of "languages" to write such templates, such as mustache, jinja2, and play 2 scala templates (twirl).

Most fits very well with a dynamic language, where you can get properties from an object, or even call a method, by its name in a plain string. In a statically compiled language, the actual names of fields and methods are not relevant, and generally not present, after compilation. This makes a "dynamic" template language a hard match for a compiling language such as rust. So why not try to create a better match?

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Chordlab: chopro to pdf

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Chordlab is a command line program I wrote to create pdf songbooks from chopro source.

Normal usage is to give chordlab a list of chopro files (each containing one or more songs). Chordlab then produces a pdf of one page for each song. Long songs can span several pages, as needed. Since the lines of a song test is often short, chordlab supports pages with multiple columns.

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XkBiff is my attempt at a biff program that understands kpop. When there is mail, it pops up another window featuring the From and Subject fields of the mails.

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