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Some simple command-line utilities for mail management over imap.

Update :

A new release: imaputil 0.6 is on the ftp server.

The imap-append command is addedd.

Manual page corrections.

Update :

A new release: imaputil 0.5 is on the ftp server.

The imap-quota command is rewritten to actually use the imap protocol with the IMAP QUOTA extension.

All the commands now use $MAILHOST from the environment as the default imap server.

Update :

imaputil 0.4 is released. This release builds on imaputil 0.3, which is a merge by Mattias Amnefelt of my code and a similar project by Max Zomborszki.

Relase 0.4 tells the imap server which users mailbox to access, and adds a -u user flag to change it. The imap-du program now got a -x flag to make output suitable for xdu.

In release 0.3, program names was changed from e.g. imdu to more verbose names like imap-du, and imap-quota and imap-listfolders from Max's project was added.

Update :

imaputil 0.2 is now released. This release introduces the imdu program, some new options, and a man page for each program.

Update : I have released imaputil 0.1. This is the initial release of imaputil.

Since imap is a nice protocol to handle email messages independent of MUA, some functionality is wanted MUA-independently. imaputil is a few simple perl programs to run in a command line context.

These utilities depend on an external program to connect to the server and take care of the Kerberos and/or SSL stuff. I use imtest from the cyrus-imap package, but it should be easily replaceable.



Lists unread messages in a specified set of folders. Each unread message is displayed on a line with the from address (optionally real-name only) and the subject.

Mime-escaped strings are decoded (at least for quoted printable).


Calculates the size of folders, like the classic du Unix command. Whether it displays the size of just each folder or each folder with sub folders, is optional.


List your folders, with total and unread number of messages in each.


Report your usage and quota of mail storage, as reported by the IMAP QUOTA extension.


Appends one or more files (messages) to a folder on the imap server, creating the folder if necessary.


Imaputil is copyright by KTH, Rasmus Kaj and Max Zomborszki, but availiable by a BSD-style licence.

Source distributions can be downloaded from ftp://ftp.stacken.kth.se/pub/projects/imaputil/.

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