Rsass 0.28.0 released

Posted 2023-07-09 12:45. Tagged , , , , .

It is time to announce rsass, rsass-macros and rsass-cli version 0.28.0. Almost half a year has gone since the last release, and as usual, there is a bunch of breaking changes and a bunch of improvements.

A small symbolic milestone is that 2/3 of the tests in sass-spec now passes (up from 66.5 % in the previous release to 66.8 % now). Also, I have reduced the number of cases where rsass fails with the wrong output even further.

My thanks to new contributor Grey Hill.


The support for @media, @keyframes, and @font-face, as well as for unknown @-rules have improved, as I now have specific handling for those rules rather than trying to compromise them all into the handling of unknown rules.

Attempting to use the @extend rule will now give an error message, clearly stating that extend is not yet supported. This greatly reduces the risk of rsass giving the wrong output rather than erroring for input it does not support, hopefully reducing the risk of unpleasant surprises later.

Everything else

There are improvements in sass functions and in css calc(...). Numbers are hopefully handled more efficiently in common cases. Also, some improvements in error handling.

There was a bunch of other changes as well. See the changelog for the details.


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