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Rsass 0.28.0 released

Posted 2023-07-09 12:45. Tagged , , , , .

It is time to announce rsass, rsass-macros and rsass-cli version 0.28.0. Almost half a year has gone since the last release, and as usual, there is a bunch of breaking changes and a bunch of improvements.

A small symbolic milestone is that 2/3 of the tests in sass-spec now passes (up from 66.5 % in the previous release to 66.8 % now). Also, I have reduced the number of cases where rsass fails with the wrong output even further.

My thanks to new contributor Grey Hill.

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Rsass 0.27.0 released

Posted 2023-01-17 21:06. Tagged , , , , .

Again, after almost four months since the last release, it is time to announce rsass 0.27.0. There is a bunch of breaking changes and a bunch of improvements.

This time, one change may seem drastic: The rsass crate no longer contains the command-line program rsass. Instead, that is now provided by a separate rsass-cli crate. So you no longer have to enable a “commandline” feature, instead you can install the command line interface with:

:; cargo install rsass-cli

There is also a new rsass-macros crate. Read on into the Macros section for that.

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Rsass 0.26.0 released

Posted 2022-09-18 20:04. Tagged , , , , .

More than three months after the last release, is is now the time to announce rsass 0.26.0. There is a bunch of breaking changes and a bunch of improvements. The changelog has the whole (too long) list.

But this time, some of the changes may go a bit deeper. As usual, the breaking changes is breaking mainly to users who in some way modify the global context from rust code, maybe by providing their own builtin functions or maybe just by inserting a global variable.

Also this time, there is an improved way of calling ructe from a cargo build.rs program, see the Cargo section below.

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