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Black Box

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Welcome to this simple mind game

No java

Om du ser den här texten har du en browser som inte hanterar java. Då är det ingen större ide att titta på den här sidan ...

Playing the game

Your goal is to guess where the blocks are located. To that end, you send signals in from the side of the grid. To send a signal, just click beside the grid, and a signal will be sent from that place into the grid.

If you hit a block straight on, it will eat your signal, giving you a red marker where you sent the signal from. If, from the signals point of view, the cell to the left (or right) of the next cell is a block, the signal turns right (or left).

If the signal reaches the outside, the place where it escapes and the place you sent if from is marked with the same (yellow) symbol.

Things I have left to do

  • Some nicer graphics.

  • If the signal escapes at the same place where you inserted it, this should give you a special symbol. Currently is just gives you a red symbol like if it was eaten.

  • The source (and javadoc) is to be publicly availible.

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