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Some hyphens

Posted 2008-04-12 15:50. Tagged , , , .

There is a lot of dashes and hyphenation marks in Unicode. Here’s the more important ones and when to use them — and how your browser handles them.

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Introduction to XML

Posted 2007-02-08 23:50. Tagged , .

Here’s a short introduction to XML, as I wasn’t able to find one I liked with a quick google search. Feedback is welcome!

My goal here is to cover a more or less complete understanding of XML, but no particular application or use.

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Nyttiga tecken

Publicerad 2000-08-27 10:28. Taggat , , .

Den här sidan är dels en lista över några tecken som är bra att ha i tekniska samanhang, och dels en test av hur din browser hanterar dem.

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