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Magnatune & Burnshee Thornside

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New and interesting swedish music on a new and interesting record company.

Update : Link to the Burnshee Thornside website rather than just their page on Magnatune.

I bought the Burnshee Thornside record The Art of Not Blending In today. A modern funk—or blues, or jazz, or all of it—record that I really recomend. That the group is working in Stockholm is nice as well.

Since BT, reasonably, wants to get paid while not having their fans pay more than nessecary, they are selling it online, through Magnatune, a record company which, by the slogan we are not evil lets me listen to everything they've got for free and guarantees that the artists get at least half of the $8 i choose(!) to pay for the record.

I'm not getting paid to say this, but i have been waiting for something like this since the middle -90's, while traditional record companies have gotten richer. Now, reality is catching up!

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