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Tech update on Rasmus.krats.se

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I've run a little django on this site for a long time beside the actual content (which was static files, created with make and xslt). Now I've gone all out and run the entire site in django.

At the same time, I've modernized the markup using some semantic html5. Some javascript and css should make it work even in browsers that doesn't really support it (like MSIE 8 and older). The graphical design has got an update to, even if it remains rather similar to the way it has looked since 2009. I hope it is both nice looking and useable on both big screens and small phones.

This also means that comments is enabled on the site again, after having been disabled for a while.

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Comment on rasmus.krats.se

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Now you can write comments on my pages! I only allow comments from logged-in users. Of course, you don't want to create yet another web account that you have to remember the password for. I understand that. I don't want to administrate yet another user database either.

The solution is OpenID. Now one account, in a central place you select, is enough for any number of web sites! (or one for each pseudonym you choose to use).

Maybe you don't even have to create a single account — chances are you have one already! If you have an account at e.g. KTH, LiveJournal or WordPress, you can use that! If not, there is a rather long list of providers that you can use.


Since I am the geek I am, I don't use any ready-made blogging software. My pages are static html, built width XSLT. The comments are stored in a separate system, which I've written on the django platform. Comments are loaded onto each page by a little AJAX hack (if a browser lacks javascript, they are available as an <object> instead, and failing that as a link to a separate page).

For a small service like this, django was very nice to work with. Python continues to be a programming language I enjoy, even if it's still rather new to me.

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