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Now you can write comments on my pages! I only allow comments from logged-in users. Of course, you don’t want to create yet another web account that you have to remember the password for. I understand that. I don’t want to administrate yet another user database either.

The solution is OpenID. Now one account, in a central place you select, is enough for any number of web sites! (or one for each pseudonym you choose to use).

Maybe you don’t even have to create a single account — chances are you have one already! If you have an account at e.g. KTH, LiveJournal or WordPress, you can use that! If not, there is a rather long list of providers that you can use.


Since I am the geek I am, I don’t use any ready-made blogging software. My pages are static html, built width XSLT. The comments are stored in a separate system, which I’ve written on the django platform. Comments are loaded onto each page by a little AJAX hack (if a browser lacks javascript, they are available as an <object> instead, and failing that as a link to a separate page).

For a small service like this, django was very nice to work with. Python continues to be a programming language I enjoy, even if it’s still rather new to me.


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