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Åcon 6

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Åcon is a small convention where fans from Sweden and Finland, and some from Åland, Norway, Great Brittain and USA, meet for an extended spring weekend of science fiction and a good time in general.

Here’s some pictures from the event, about two months late.

The convention, guest of honor Tricia Sullivan and other participants, offered several intersting panel discussions. The first dealt with one of the main topics of Tricias authorship, body and mind and in particular how the limitations of the body may be necessary for the existence of the mind.

Chocolate tasting

An excursion to Mercedes Chocolaterie is part of the recurring programme of Åcon. This was the first time I attended, but I hope to do it again. Tasty and interesting!

Bike excursion

I brought my folding bike, mainly because I can. It didn’t see to much use, but I did go for a small trip.


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